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There are different reasons why some people have dental phobia, but perhaps the most common is an unpleasant experience at a dentist’s office as a child. But a bad experience from childhood doesn’t have to hold you back as an adult. At York Dental Group, we are happy to cater to patients with dental phobia. Here are some tips you can use to manage your dental fear.

Recognize the root cause of your fears. As you’ve probably heard, “the first step to fixing a problem is admitting it.” The solution to your dental anxiety will differ depending on its root cause. Once we understand what your fear stems from, we can adjust our treatment to provide you a peaceful experience in our office.

Visit the dentist’s office with someone you trust. We recommend that patients with dental phobia bring along someone they trust. Patients who sit near a loved one will benefit from the soothing reassurance of having a loved one near.

Bring something to soothe you. Music, books, magazines, and media players can also soothe you during a dentist’s appointment. Enjoying some of your favorite songs or reading an interesting book can help you keep your mind focused and relaxed while you wait for your appointment to begin.

Let your caregivers know that you have dental phobia. One thing we stress is for all patients to let us know whether they have dental phobia. While we try to be sensitive of all patient needs, we will take extra care to specialize your treatment and ease your fears if we know that you have dental phobia.

Talk with your dentist about sedation. Incredible advances have been made in dentistry: we can provide you with different sedation solutions to help relax your mind during your visit. Many of our patients with dental phobia find sedation to be an effective way of calming themselves during visits.

Do you experience dental phobia in York, South Carolina? If so, please contact our team now at 803-684-2366 to set up an appointment in our relaxing office environment. Dr. Robert Renner and our staff will do all they can to ease your fears and provide you gentle, professional treatment.