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If you are in need of a tooth restoration, there are numerous choices to choose from. It is important to determine your oral health care needs and if you require an aesthetic repair to improve the look of your smile, or are looking for a restoration that can repair the function of a tooth.

If you’re looking to fill in cavities, dental fillings are a highly effective choice, as they can be used to remove cavities, and they can help thwart future tooth decay from arising. If you’re looking to conceal an area of a tooth, try using dental crowns or veneers. Whereas veneers place a thin, durable shell on the fronts of teeth, dental crowns are equipped to fully conceal a tooth on all sides. Even though both are fully customizable, dental crowns can protect a tooth from further damage above the gum line.

If you’re seeking to use a tooth restoration to whiten your smile, teeth whitening treatments are your best choice. Even though teeth-whitening substances are present in various products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and even chewing gum, your best choice for teeth whitening therapy is through a treatment system. Professional teeth whitening kits are known to enhance the color of your smile to levels that were previously unreachable for most teeth.

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