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The best option you have for ensuring optimum oral health is through the use of a cosmetic dentistry procedure that not only dramatically enhances the look of a tooth, but adds extra protection as well. Dental damage does happen from time to time, but in order to ensure your oral health remains in pristine condition, it should be treated and restored. If you had suffered a dental damage, consider a dental crown to restore your smile.

Children are often at a high risk for dental damage due to the products and foods that they consume. Typically, children are at the highest risk for tooth decay and cavities. However, dental crown treatments can be used to conceal potentially vulnerable teeth and protect them from any enamel erosion that can arise. A single dental crown placement can easily last two decades up to a lifetime of use.

Dental crowns are even used for capping and concealing previous tooth restorations. If you have had previous work done in the form of implants, bridges, or even root canals, dental crowns are often used to cover up the restorations to prevent further damage from occurring and protect any teeth from future harm. Dental crowns can even be used on a broken tooth that otherwise would not be able to hold together on its own.

If you need a dental filling to repair a cavity, but not enough natural tooth remains to adequately hold the filling, a dental crown can be used to fuse the filling and tooth together. Dental crowns can be used in situations were severely damaged teeth are on their last legs and otherwise may need an extraction.

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