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Every once in a while, your meal may be interrupted by the occurrence of a minor tongue injury. While these situations tend to be more of an inconvenience than any real oral trauma, there may be cases when you do experience a severe tongue injury that requires some aid or even the help of a professional such as your dentist. We offer the following information to help you be prepared to treat a tongue injury with the proper methods.

First, determine how severe your tongue injury is. If there is debris and blood, you can create a lukewarm salt water rinse to clean your mouth, but don’t swish with an antiseptic mouthwash or else it cause irritate the injury. Refrain from reacting to excessive bleeding from the tongue by swallowing frequently or else you may upset your stomach. Instead, spit gently.

You can reduce bleeding by wrapping your tongue in layers of sterile gauze and applying mild pressure to the wound with your fingers or by pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Bleeding that lasts longer than 20 to 30 minutes, as well as rising levels of pain warrant a visit the emergency room or nearest facility for urgent care so that you can receive proper and professional treatment.

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